Catalytic Converter Meltdown


Fun Facts and Dire Warnings

Catalytic converters are a section in your vehicle exhaust system which are a very critical component for not only vehicle performance but also the environment. They are essentially a chemical reactor that effectively changes toxic emissions into less harmful substances before releasing the result into the air we breathe.
If the catalytic converter fails or becomes inoperative, vehicle performance will certyainly suffer and toxic emissions will be released into the environment. If you are wondering if a catalytic converter can actually fail see this image of one we had in our workshop. 
 Destroyed Catalytic Converter.jpg

Catalytic converters can become inoperative due to;

  1. Melting as a result of misfire 
  2. Melting as a result of excessively rich fuel mixture 
  3. Melting as a result of excessive hydrogen sulphide production caused by high levels of sulphur in the fuel
  4. Being damaged by high hydrocarbon (HC) emissions 
  5. Being damaged by contaminated fuel 
  6. Being damaged by oil contamination from engine oil leaked into the exhaust system 
  7. Being damaged by silicone contamination from chemical additives or sealants leaked into the exhaust 
  8. Being damaged by engine coolant leaked into the exhaust system
  9. Being damaged by carbon contamination caused by excessive short trip driving 
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