Stop right there - Brake Service in Gosford


Feel like you are pulling up in a semi trailer every time you brake?

A brake service from Nationwide Auto will have you stopping like a dream.

When doing speeds of 100 km/h it can take up to 100 metres to come to a complete stop. So, as you can see, healthy brakes are a critical safety item. It is important that your vehicle braking system is regularly maintained and checked.

Regular brake servicing will ensure your braking system is well maintained and you, your family and other road users will be safe.

Brake Service in Gosford 

In the presence of any of the below issues, it is important to have your brakes checked. Bring your car into Jamie, Jacko and the Nationwide team and we will inspect the problem and talk through any issues with you before undertaking any work.


  • A dashboard light indicating an issue with the braking system.
  • Strange sounds when applying pressure to your brakes.
  • Handling is harder when braking.
  • Vibrating, spongy or slow responding brake pedal.
  • Increased braking distance. 

When you bring your car into Nationwide Auto, your brake disc pads will be monitored for wear and tear, machined to even out thickness or damage and replaced when they reach their minimum thickness. Brake fluid will be changed regularly to prevent contamination, which leads to overheating.

If you suspect your brakes are not operating optimally pop into Nationwide Auto. We use quality parts and fluids and save pets and wild animals from untimely accidents in the process.

We have the latest in on and off car disc lathes with no expense spared on equipment, to ensure the best quality finish for your disc and drum brakes. Book a Brake Service online or call us for more information.

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